Brookline MA Real Estate, Brookline area and Community Information

Brookline MA homes are some of the most beautiful homes in the entire state of Massachusetts. However, if you're considering investing in the Brookline MA real estate market, then you might want to take a bit of time to learn more about the community in which Brookline homes for sale are located. Not only is it important for you to like the style of the Brookline homes themselves, but you should also make sure that the area where real estate in Brookline is located is one that you can envision yourself living and working in for years to come.


Brookline real estate is located in Norfolk County and is part of the Greater Boston area. Therefore, Brookline can lay claim to the glorious history that is Boston's history as well as its own. Brookline was first settled by English settlers back in the early 17th century. Before that, it was part of Algonquian territory. It is one of the oldest towns in the area, being incorporated as "Brookline" as early as 1705. Therefore, you can expect many Brookline properties to be historical ones built in traditional fashions. 

Parks and Recreation

Homes for sale in Brookline have convenient access to the parks and recreational sites that the Parks and Recreation Department of Brookline offers residents. Some of the parks and recreational sites that the Brookline home buyer will find nearby include the Amory Playground, Baker School Playground, Baldwin School Playground, Billy Ward Playground and countless others. Brookline is known for its abundance of open spaces and greenways, and you learn more about them by visiting the following web link:

Attractions and Activities

If you inquire of a Brookline real estate agent concerning the things to do in Brookline, you'll be informed that there are several attractions and activities in the town. Some of he most popular attractions in Brookline include the Coolidge Corner Theater, the John F. Kennedy National Historic Site, Brookline Booksmith, Larz Anderson Park, the Frederick Law Olmstead National Historic Site, Puppet Showplace Theater, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and countless others.

If you ask a Brookline realtor about the events that go on in Brookline, then you'll be told that there is plenty to keep you occupied if you want to become an active member of the community. Brookline has everything from arts and crafts festivals to concerts and wine tasting events. 
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