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If you want to live in Boston, you've probably already discovered that you need to narrow your real estate search down to a smaller scope. Homes listed for sale in The Boston Seaport District are ideal if you want to live near the water. However, you might require the assistance of a Boston Seaport District real estate agent when sorting through the many homes listed on the Boston Seaport District real estate market.


Seaport District properties are located in Fort Point Channel of the Boston Seaport District. The Seaport District is also referred to as simply South Boston, and it is one of the oldest and, therefore, most historic neighborhoods in Boston. Fort Point Channel was named after a fort that existed in the area during colonial times. The fort was used to guard the city. 

Parks and Recreation

Real estate in the Boston Seaport District has access to many parks and recreational areas throughout Boston. The Parks and Recreation Department in Boston offers residents and visitors plenty of open spaces filled with lush foliage, park benches and more designed to allow them to enjoy all that nature in Boston has to offer them. The Parks and Recreation Department also runs various programs for citizens of all ages.

Attractions and Activities

Homes for sale in Boston - Seaport District - Fort Point Channel area are located near all the attractions and activities that the Seaport District has to offer. The ICA is a popular venue for entertainment, and the Legal Harborside Floor 1 eatery is one of the most popular eateries for the Boston Seaport District home buyer. To find out more about what the Seaport District area has to offer, speak with your local real estate specialist, Roberta Orlandino


If you want to move to a community where you can really get involved, then the Seaport District offers you plenty of events. The Seaport District host everything from community meetings to trade shows, and you can stay informed of the latest events going on in the area by going to the following Seaport District calendar of events at the following link:
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