Seaport District / Fort Point Channel

Seaport.jpgWhat was once strictly commercial waterfront is now a diverse arts community. Flanked by the Seaport District on one side and Fort Point Channel on the other, many consider these adjacent neighborhoods to be Boston’s next great place. Eclectic architecture ranging from historic to industrial to new build is attracting professionals, families, and artists alike. The Seaport’s burgeoning restaurant scene combined with Fan Pier’s new luxury waterfront hotels, spas, and residences, is creating a vibrant community abuzz with evening activity. The area is home to the prestigious Institute for Contemporary Art, the Children’s Museum and, of course, incorporates the site of the infamous Boston Tea Party. 

Activities and Points of Interest:

The Seaport's Newest Development - Seaport Square

Fort Point Arts Community

Seaport District

Seaport(2).jpgFriends of the Fort Point Channel

Fort Point Channel Parks

Fan Pier

Institute of Contemporary Art

Children’s Museum

New England Aquarium

Boston Convention Center

Boston Tea Party
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